The ATM serves as a convenience to many. While people were once forced to go to the bank to withdraw funds, ATM’s located at several locations make accessing money from one’s account easy and efficient.

For this reason, businesses optimize this resource for increased revenue. As it attracts customers, companies that do not utilize this tool will lose customers to those businesses who do. Further, methods to keep customers that are essential, such as replenishing cash in an ATM, need to be employed.

While it’s vital to replenish cash in an ATM, it is more important to do so in a safe manner.

Why ATM Cash Replenishment is Important

Cash replenishment is important to keep customers. If funds are not available, customers will leave and will never come back. Further, by word of mouth, businesses that do not replenish their ATM’s of cash will lose potential customers. At any rate, it’s a vital component to keeping an item, but replenishment must be done in a wise manner. The main goal is to deter robbery.

For instance, despite the need to frequently replenish an ATM, it is important to vary the days of replenishment. Robbers can watch a place of business to determine patterns in their behavior and actions. If a business repeatedly replenishes their ATM on Friday night, robbers will know the precise time to strike. By varying the times of cash delivery and replenishment, it is that more difficult for robbers to steal. For instance, replenish on a Wednesday morning and a following Saturday afternoon. As long as a pattern is not detected in cash replenishment, the greater likelihood of theft can be deterred and avoided.

Check Each Bill

It is important to check each bill before the ATM is replenished. For instance, make sure that each bill is not torn, contains markings that are used to indicate the bills have been stolen and is not counterfeit. If there is anything wrong with any of the bills, such as receiving the wrong bill amount or the other problems previously listed, do not put them into the ATM. Contact the bank manager immediately to inform them of the problem bills.

If a place of business has more than one ATM, it is important to not do both concurrently. It is best to finish one and move to the other in a thorough manner. Cassettes should also be replenished one at a time. Replenish cash and cassettes when there are no customers present. Close up the doors, lock them, close blinds and prevent viewing accessibility to outside the structure’s parameters. It may be beneficial to practice this habit at other times, such as when closing up for the night. By keeping practices unknown, it is more difficult to be robbed. Also, have an alarm on hand for easy access in the event a robbery should occur.

Be sure to handle ATM’s separately, but also the safe if one of those is on the premises. Frequent changes in the combination are in order to deter anyone from robbing the safe. It is advisable to change the combination after each time the ATM is replenished. It is also not advisable to use a key to the safe. A key may be lost and it is easier to protect money with the use of a combination.

Take Your Time

In addition, take time to be careful, but do not take too much time. For instance, take enough time to be aware of your surroundings, who is and isn’t around and to not make mistakes. Also, never leave the bills on the ground. Someone can run past and grab them. Be sure the bills are in sight at all times.

Along with safety precautions to take while replenishing the ATM of cash, it is important to choose a good company to help with ATM replenishment. A good company will help to assist in ordering cash and bringing it in an armored car. When the replenishment company comes, there should be a one-armed guard at minimum, an armor car driver and at least one experienced technician that will replace the money. Further, each employee should produce identification. As an extra precaution, a list of the company’s employees’ signatures can be obtained to serve as further verification.

It is wise to choose a replenishment company that can replenish ATM’s at any time. Replenishment companies can often perform maintenance or repairs on ATM’s, such as recovering jammed ATM cards. Hiring a company to handle cash replenishment in a secure manner that can also serve to provide maintenance on ATM’s helps to keep a business safe, secure and profitable.