Terminal Management System

Run Your Business With Peace Of Mind

Real time information, up to the minute reporting and your entire portfolio at a glance. Switch Commerce's Terminal Management System and MobileTMS app, combine to give you everything you need, when you need it.

Terminal Management System

Terminal Management System

Real Time Information

With the many innovative features of the Switch Commerce Terminal Management System, Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) and Independent ATM Deployers (IADs) can know at a glance the status of every ATM in their portfolios. With real-time information, up to the minute reporting, you'll see exactly what you need, as well as where you need it.

Mobile Management

Our free App for iPhones or Android powered phones, as well as our mobile web support for Blackberry and any other web-enabled smartphone, provides complete freedom.When you're on the road and every minute counts, you'll have accurate and reliable real-time data at your fingertips. We even help you reduce travel time by helping you find ATM's that are nearby. By taking advantage of your phone's GPS capabilities, MobileTMS can quickly pinpoint an terminal's location and display it on a Google map for you.

Terminal Management Features


Receive real-time alerts via email and text messages that let your business tell you when it needs attention, rather than you having to address each issue after downtime has already occurred.

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ATM Management

Switch Commerce has made managing and monitoring your online ATM terminal portfolio seamless with our Terminal Management System (TMS). Accessible online 24 hours a day and seven days a week, TMS puts you in full control of every aspect of your online ATM terminal portfolio.

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Mobile TMS

With the Switch Commerce MobileTMS, you can take your office with you. Via an iPhone, Blackberry, Android powered phone, or any Smartphone, you can redefine the ease and scope of how you manage your ATM portfolio and interact with your customers.

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Partner Management

The option to delegate management across your ATM portfolio is yours. We simply built our ATM monitoring software so that you have the ability to delegate.

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Real Time Reporting

Better ATM management includes real-time alerts and reporting. Once we work with you to set up your terminals in the online system, you’ll have any number of reports to customize to the terminals

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Vault Cash Management

We take the guess work out of vault cash management. Each withdrawal is recorded and the data is analyzed quickly, so that alerts you establish can give you insight at-a-moment’s-notice

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