Switch Commerce Referral Program

Switch Commerce offers a way to create and retain customers/merchants while receiving compensation.  Through this program you can add value and profitability to your current Switch Commerce product offering by adding complete credit and debit card, check, ACH, and recurring payment services.
Participation in the referral program strengthens your relationship with your customers by helping them accept payments more easily. We want you to promote our payment solutions as a value added service, which is why we make the referral process easy.

Program Highlights

  • Our payment services can assist your referral customers/merchants to better streamline their business processes.
  • Enhance customer retention by providing another Switch Commerce service that will help strengthen your relationship and add value to you business offering.
  • Our referral program offers compensation for each approved customer/merchant.
  • Referring a customer is simple and requires minimal work. We conduct the sales, handle the paperwork, and enroll the customer.