Discover the Possibilities

In today’s fast pace economy, businesses that thrive are agile and able to turn any situation into a revenue opportunity. Whether you are on a job site, at a trade show, or even dinner with a client, being mobile means always being prepared. Plus, with the option to sync multiple card readers to one account, mobile payments gives your team the freedom they need to make sales anywhere. Through real time mobile reporting you can monitor your business from around the world allowing you to make quick, informed decisions in the future.

Mobile credit card processing is the simple and portable solution to overcome your business’ current boundaries. Never again will you be subject to the limitations of cash only transactions or the risks of accepting checks. SwitchPay gives you the competitive advantages to take your business to the next level and experience the endless possibilities. Where will you take your business today?

How it Works

Think of mobile payment processing as the option you take on the road – making credit and debit card processing possible wherever you shake hands or use a cell phone.

Sign up online for your SwitchPay mobile card reader. The application is quick and you can be approved in seconds. Once you are approved your card reader will be mailed to you. Download the free SwitchPay app, available in the iOS App Store, BlackBerry and Android Market, and you can begin processing immediately through key entered transactions. When your SwitchPay card reader arrives in the mail, simply attach it via your devices headphone input, open the app and you are ready to swipe. The SwitchPay app gives you the option to adjust taxes, tips, split cash/credit card transactions and send customers receipts by email. Also, the card reader has store and forward technology. This allows the transaction details to be encrypted and securely stored in the card reader if you are out of cell phone signal range. Once you are back in signal range, the card reader will automatically forward all of the stored transactions and they will be processed.

Safer & Simpler

One of the main questions that come with mobile payments is, “Is it secure?” If you are using the SwitchPay card reader we are proud to say, “Yes!” The SwitchPay card reader is end-to-end encrypted and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliant. PCI-DSS is a set of policies and procedures to enhance the security of credit, debit and cash transactions as well as protect cardholder information. Two major advantages of being PCI compliant are the trust you will gain from your customers when they know their information is secure and the knowledge that you are protected from the risk of high fines and possible suspension of being able to processing credit cards if you are not compliant. In order to ensure PCI compliance, as a credit card is being swiped the card information is encrypted in order to ensure immediate security. It then runs through the secure SwitchPay app and is transmitted as an encrypted file.

At no point in the transaction process is the card holder information stored on the merchant’s phone. This provides better security for the customer and relieves the merchant of the liability of withholding card information. Also, if the device is out of signal range, the card information is never stored on the merchant’s phone. It is stored as an encrypted file on the SwitchPay card reader and is transmitted instantly when the device is back within signal range.

At Switch Commerce cardholder safety is of the highest importance. Therefore, it is our goal to make mobile processing as secure and simple as possible. By adhering to strict security standards, utilizing expertly trained support staff and continuous fraud monitoring, SwitchPay is the safest solution for your mobile payment needs.