How secure is your PIN number?

You may think you have a great PIN code that no one will crack, but in reality it might be in jeopardy. Many people use combinations that are easily guessed and commonly used. In addition, if you use the same PIN for all of your numbered passwords, there is a much higher chance that it will become discovered and used to steal your identity.

According to a recent study by DataGenetics, as many as thirty percent of ATM users have a PIN that can be guessed in twenty attempts or less. This is the result of people using patterns, repeating numbers and years for their PIN numbers. As such, these are things that should be avoided. Particularly, if your PIN number is a pattern on the keypad or the digits 1234, you should change your password as quickly as possible.

Choosing Your PIN Number

When it comes to your ATM security and choosing a PIN, you should, of course, make sure it is something you can easily remember that has significance to you. However, at the same time, it should not be significant to anyone else or be commonly used in general. It may also be helpful to view lists available on the internet of the most common PIN numbers so that you can avoid them.

Protecting your PIN

Protecting your PIN is not just about choosing the right number. It is also about making sure that no one has access to your password or debit card number. Being unaware that strangers might have access to these numbers are the number one method of credit card fraud. Be very wary of incoming emails or telephone calls requesting you to share your PIN for any form of a security or login purpose, remember to never tell anyone your PIN.

You should also make sure that no one can record your PIN while you are using it. Shield the keypad with your hand and body so that no one can see it or that your PIN cannot be captured by picture or video. Only use your debit card in a well-lit, public place so that you can be certain that only an actual, certified ATM machine and not a fraudulent device is reading your card information. If you have an occurrence where your card and PIN are accepted but you receive no cash from the machine, contact your bank immediately to ensure that there are no charges or withdrawals to your account.