A demonstration was recently conducted at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas where a Triton and Tranax ATM were hacked into and caused to dispense multiple bills.

Switch Commerce recommends that online ATM deployers ensure that all ATM security is kept up to date with the latest software versions and security patches issued by ATM manufacturers.

Triton ATMs: Triton believes that only X-Scale and X2 ATMs are vulnerable to this threat and have issued a security patch to address the issue. The patch must be installed with the latest version of their software. In many cases, the patch and software upgrade can be made through Triton Connect, Triton’s remote management software. Beginning in November 2009, all Triton ATMs were shipped with the security patch already installed. If you need more information about upgrading your Triton X-Scale and X2 ATMs, please contact Triton technical support today at (800)-259-6672.

Tranax ATMs: Tranax has issued a new version of their software that includes a security patch to address this vulnerability. They recommend updating all Windows-based Tranax machines with the latest version of the software. Additionally, if you are not using their Remote Monitoring System (RMS), they recommend disabling this at the terminal so the terminal can not receive an incoming call, thus making it vulnerable to the Jackpotting hack. For more information on ATM Security, ATM Processing, and credit card processing or to obtain the latest software version from Tranax, please contact their technical support center at (510) 371-0400.